3Fun – A Polyamorous Dating App

3Fun is a mobile application that allows you to connect with other users based on where you are. This location-based app works with both iOS and Android devices and is currently available in the United States, UK, Netherlands, Brazil, and other countries. It has over two million downloads and approximately 100,000 monthly users.

The majority of the 3Fun user base is single. In the United States, the app has close to 870 thousand active users who are single. This is about 70 percent of the app’s American audience. The highest share of active users is from Canada. While 3Fun is a mobile dating app, it also positions itself as a polyamorous-friendly service.


The vulnerability in 3fun allows attackers to access user location data and other personal information. This information includes real-time location data, chat data, and private photos. The vulnerability was first discovered by security company Pen Test Partners. The vulnerability allowed Pen Test Partners to discover the locations of 3fun users worldwide. The researchers were able to identify users in various high-profile locations, including the White House, US Supreme Court, and 10 Downing Street.

As of early 2019, 3Fun has stepped up its security. It has added a block button and has strengthened its security measures. In addition to the privacy features, 3Fun now includes Incognito mode and Block Contacts. It’s the leading threesome dating app and a great way for singles and couples to connect with others.

Polyamory has traditionally been associated with shame, but the popularity of dating apps has made polyamory more accessible and comfortable for people who wish to meet a third. Fortunately, 3FUN has a simple photo verification system to make sure that people are who they say they are. The site’s interface is also compatible with mobile devices.

Users of 3Fun say that the app is a safe place to meet other like-minded individuals. Most users are open-minded and don’t hide their profiles or sexy photos. This is good news for those who want to hook up, but there are risks. Users must be careful with their privacy and security settings.

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