"And what are you up to?" - Every single knows the tough moments on dates when the conversation runs out after a little small talk. Luckily ... sex hookup website

Tinder made it really easy to meet men. But many of them are not looking for love, but a quick number. What does it do to us?

Do you fancy a crush, flirting, love? How good that you have a smartphone! These dating apps should be of great help ...

Lost your language? We have the best strategies against threatening silence when making small talk with the dream guy

Does the last drink in the date's apartment promise sex? One thing is certain: the response from the German men more than surprised us ...

Which language has the greatest sex appeal and how do Germans fare in an international comparison? Here's the solution ...

If the promising Tinder date turns out to be a disaster, sometimes at least one story worth telling jumps out in the end ...

Confidence is not only beneficial, but also sexy. The majority of German men prefer self-confident women

He loves me, he doesn't love me ... No idea whether his feelings for you are real? Pay attention to the pace of his steps

You don't have to stop your life to be mindful »SOUL SISTER shows you how to bring more serenity into your everyday life.

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