High Technology Dating

High Technology Dating With Augmented Reality

If you’re a single person, you might be interested in a high technology dating site. With such a service, you can meet other people who are looking for a person just like you. You can also take advantage of augmented reality, which can improve the experience of your dates. This technology allows you to look at a picture of your date through the eyes of another person, so you can see how they look. It’s an exciting new way of interacting with other people.


The history of high technology dating with augmented reality has been an interesting one. While the best way to describe it would be the overlay of human symbols on a physical world, there are other more complicated methods to get the same effect. The first successful augmented reality system was developed at the USAF Armstrong research lab. Then there is the head-mounted display.

High Technology Dating
High Technology Dating

The augmented reality that blew the socks off the rest was the Virtual Fixtures, a complex robotic system designed to offset the lack of hi-speed 3D graphics processing power. However, while the name may suggest that augmented reality was the star of the show, the most impressive thing about the VT system is that it also delivered sensory data. This includes visuals, sounds, smells and more.

Enhances natural environments and situations

In the recent years, the field of Augmented Reality has grown exponentially, allowing the enhancement of real world environments and situations through computer generated information. Moreover, it allows for remote collaboration between users that would otherwise be impossible. High Technology Dating As well, it has the potential to enhance the natural environment and situations, thus encouraging appropriate use of natural resources. For example, a mobile application was developed to teach elementary students about natural sites in the Chiriqui province. The application consists of a set of slides, which were evaluated by third grade students. Using the augmented reality technology, the students were able to view the virtual images and learn about the natural sites.

The field of Augmented Reality has recently experienced a surge in the educational sector. Several studies have shown that AR is effective in the educational process. For example, Alem and Li (2011) showed that AR improves satisfaction with remote collaboration. This is especially true when the AR application lights up real data. Similarly, researchers in Sweden have used VR to test stress responses and recovery, and to elicit the impacts of nature sounds.

High Technology Dating


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